Our eco-retreat is a dream location for a yoga retreat. Sharp mountains, flowing valleys, terraced rice paddies, are a unique setting to put you and your guests in the right mindset. The calm, the nature, the birds, the flowers, the trees, and butterflies are all conducive to the magical retreat you’ve been dreaming of. If you are interested in renting the property out for your your yoga retreat trip, please kindly contact zoom@puluongtreehouse.com.

Life is full of things to experience and try.  I have always loved cooking and I find it has always enriched my experiences in new places.  I owe my cooking skills to the time I spent at the Old Hanoi Restaurant where I taught travelers to cook traditional Vietnamese food.  I also thanks to all the people I have shared a kitchen with a long the way and swapped cooking tips. The process of shopping, preparing ingredients and cooking Vietnamese food is a great way to understand its history and culture.  Whether you are a complete novice or a professional chef, this cooking section promises to share some of Vietnamese secrets and along the way you will have.

Fun and of course eat some great food.  

There are 2 options you can choose for our cooking class:

Option 1:

Banana blossom salad

Fried spring rolls

Eggplant in a clay pot

Option 2:

Papaya Salad

Tofu in tomato sauce

Eggplant in a clay pot

Bamboo is a vitally important material to some local areas of Vietnam, and Pu Luong is one of these places. This is an opportunity for travelers to spend some time in the company of the Pu Luong natives and learn their traditional craft from them. Not only will you learn a new skill, you will craft an everlasting memory and gain and insight and understanding into the local way of living.

Cycling tours

There are phenomenal mountain rides around our village; road, track, or dirt. Down valleys, and up passes. We can arrange return transportations if you’re not prepared for long climbs, or if you’d rather bicycle in the valley along the Ma River.

Motor biking tours

The best! There is not much traffic around here, and local mopeds are so easy and fun! This will extend your range of exploration, and make it easy to go up and down the mountain roads around the region’s breathtaking rides.

Trekking (guided or un-guided)

Trekking in Pu Luong Nature Reserve is unique, thanks to the diversity of landscapes, and the natural beauty of villages, hamlets, and terraced rice paddies. You can explore off-track, and reach the highest peaks in the Reserve. Any length is possible, from a couple hours around our village and surrounding hills, to several days, including camping in the jungle.

River boat riding

The majestic Ma River has been an important waterway for centuries, and boats are still means of transportation. We can arrange for a morning or afternoon cruise, stopping from time to time to explore lovely villages and refreshing water falls.  

River bamboo rafting

There is a lovely, calm river in the valley below us: the Cham. Local fishermen have used bamboo rafts for fishing and crossing for centuries. We can arrange for you to enjoy such calm and fun, surrounded by stunning surroundings, including the famed water wheels.