Meet the owner

My name is Dzung Thi Phuong Le, but it’s easier to call me Zoom. I am your host at Pu Luong Treehouse.

I’m originally from Hanoi, and I have been lucky enough to travel to quite a few places. I find that spending time outdoors, and to share this passion with others, is essential to my well-being, so much so that I have made it my career. A few years ago, I started “Zoom Zoom Let’s Go to the Countryside”, a private and personalized tour organizer to explore Vietnam’s countryside. It was one of the most significant decisions in my life and I have cherished every single moment traveling with my guests, and running my own business.

I first discovered Pu uLong Nature Reserve during a 5-day trek through the area, and I fell in love with the area, especially Don Village, where Pu Luong Treehouse is located. The area is truly a hidden gem, with its incredibly beautiful scenery; yet I did not see a single tourist in our five days there. Don village is so special that every step I took here, opened my heart and my soul. The breathtaking scenery was so special, and the local people so friendly, that no words could describe the effects the trip had on me. I had to share this place with as many others as possible and I hope that it’s a balm for city people’s souls. I felt I had no other choice but to follow my dreams, and an opportunity came up to buy a unique tree island in the sea of rice paddies in Don Village, and rehabilitate it into a community suitable for guests.

Pu Luong Treehouse was born from my passion for real travel experiences and my dream to create a small sustainable tourism project. My main goal is to create a product that is unique, authentic and, at the same time, it has to be truly local. Therefore, Pu Luong Treehouse’s motto is “Local- Unique – Authentic”. Together with Pu Luong Treehouse team, I am here to deliver a truly authentic and unique experience.

At Pu Luong Treehouse, there is no routine. You start each day like a blank page, and it takes shape naturally. The kind of daily agenda that you may have in your city life doesn’t exist here. Every day is pleasure to be discovered.

Thanks for reading my background, of how Pu Luong Treehouse came to exist!