Pu Luong Treehouse commits to providing you with a local, unique and authentic experience. We couldn’t do this without integrating the following key values into everything we do:

  • Local
  • Staff: instead of hiring seasoned staff from big cities, Pu Luong Treehouse invests in the community by training our own staff.
  • Supplies: local farmers. Own vegetable fields in converted rice paddies.
  • Own water well.
  • Power: solar to be developed.
  • Bar: bamboo straws
  • Unique
  • PTH is located in the middle of villages, and interacts directly with each communities
  • The original trees have been preserved, and the new buildings are integrated with them
  • Housing is a comfortable blend of a local communal house, new independent bungalows, houses on stilts, and three actual tree houses.
  • Authentic
  • All material used in the construction are local, often recycled wood.
  • Perimeter stone walls built of piled stones found on the land
  • House on stilts, in pure local Thai tradition
  • The building techniques are local, and so are the artisan builders.
  • Finishes: all fabrics are local, the modern linens are embroidered with traditional Thai fabrics,
  • Mosquito nets: treated with a local root found in the forests, to keep mosquitoes away. (Dioscore Cirhosa has another name as Dyeing Yam. The tubers have a very high tannin content and are used to dye and preserve fabrics.)
  • Traditional Thai kitchen, with the smoke permeating the palm roof, to prevent termites
  1. Minimal environmental impact

This is core to the design and functioning of Pu Luong Treehouse.

  • Passive Design: Our treehouses have been designed to traditional and energy passive standards, and we have only removed the minimum amount of tree for their construction.
  • Organic and local food: We source most of our food from the local community, and are supporting local farmers to grow organic vegetables. We have additional land in the surrounding area where we are also growing our own vegetables and herbs.
  • Recycling: not a common practice in Vietnam yet, but PTH implements a recycling program which separates compostable waste from packaging, plastic, paper, glass, etc. to be recycled or disposed of with, to minimize any impact on the environment.
  • Say no to plastic straws when we serve our guests juice drinks.
  • Water: Our own deep well supplies all of our water and we have also installed a filter system in the kitchen so that we aren’t relying on water in plastic bottles for clean drinking water
  • Waste management: All of our waste is separated into recyclables and we have a chemical free sewage treatment.
  1. Empowering the local community

The Don village, Pu Luong’s neighbours and local community have welcomed the Pu Luong Treehouse to their community and we are empowering them by:

  • Providing employment: We are buying their produce, have employed a number of staff from the local community, are sharing our knowledge in how to run homestays and other services for tourists, and selling their handmade craft wares.
  • Providing English language skills
  • Promoting environmental awareness: We will be working with the local community to build awareness about the need to manage waste.

We ask that vistors to Pu Luong understand the values of this village and get to know as much about their culture as possible.  Enhancing your awareness of the people of the Don Village is important to us and we what to show you what makes this place and its people so special.

Here at Pu Luong Treehouse we aim to provide you with an experience that has a balanced and beneficial impact on the environment and community. We hope that you can join us on this journey.